Sovnger produces an eclectic electronic music, venturing on a different approach of the kind while keeping its unique touch. Big fan of movies, its music tends to be embellished with images, to make his audience travelling and even when it’s a banger, to transport it anywhere.
His first EP, released on Alex Gopher’s label, has been playlisted by the greatest (Justice, Boys Noize, Brodinski…) has even found its place in the 2 Many Dj’s sets during their famous Soulwax Radio!
Sovnger carries on remixing (Alex Gopher, Sharam Jey, Shameboy, John and the Volta…), collaborates with certain artists such as The Subs and releases regularly some EPs on labels like Bad Life Records (Autokratz’s label), Blood Music (Fake Blood’s label), Leonizer, OMGITM Records, Boxon Records, Police Records…
Sovnger never sleeps and releases his first album in 2015.
An electronic journey through the night to discover here:
More than a music composer, Sovnger surprises by his Dj sets: a subtle mix between a clever selection and a continuous exchange with his public, all liberated with a matchless energy,
from Paris to Tokyo via Seoul!
Sovnger hasn’t finished keeping us awaked!