autoportrait (no french below)
Gloomy Embody Abysmal is a musical entity created in May 2006 by Stelio “Dyp” Pagani.
At the beginning it was only a solo-project to explore a more personal way to compose music, but it faster became something stronger, related to the life of its creator, who will grow, evolve, and die with him.
It’s for this reason that the musical style varies according to the periods.
Between 2007 and 2009, 3 demos are produced, and it’s in 2010 that “Suicidal Art” the first album, in a Depressive Death/Black Metal style is released.
This will mark the beginning of a big change, between 2010 and 2014, many Cover songs has been published. The Cover songs of Gloomy Embody Abysmal are primarily “technical tests”.
In 2015, the EP “The Suicidal Trinity” is released, it includes the first 3 pieces of “Suicidal Art” re-recorded, and 3 Cover songs of significant influences.
In 2016, Gloomy Embody Abysmal sat on it’s turning to Post-Rock with the single “Symphony For A Broken Heart”. Then again in 2017 with the single “The Day You Left Me Glows Up on the Rooftop of My Time”.
And it’s in this same year that Stelio Pagani announces “Dypression Pt.1: The Cave” an EP which returns on a much darker style, that will be released on January 31 2018, in Digifile 3 parts handnumbered limited to 50ex, and everywhere in digital of course!