The single BROKEN BONE is an ode to the Brokenbeat groove and the finesse of Nu_jazz.

Oscillating between a jerky rhythm, an atmosphere mixing progressive jazz bassline and an energetic lounge sound, GEOFFROY places the instrumentalist at the center of a production far from stereoids, which gives free rein to the imagination.

Broken Bone is accompanied by 3 remixes produced by the artists of the label. The 3 sound tracks navigate between a “Deep – Broken” version for Steven Wobblejay, followed by a “Dub Ina Bruk” version by 67100, and which ends with a “House-bruk” pearl from D2000P.

First release during confinement, this one comes with the heart and a huge dose of hope.
We invite you to take care of yourself, to use this special time to generate a good personal vibe…

GEOFFROY is a renowned multi-instrumentalist and drummer from our city Strasbourg.

Super active as a drummer in various recognized groups of Heavy Blues and Hip-hop, Geoffroy has also been composing electronic music for a good number of years. Far from the clichés of electronic sound, Geoffroy produces an incisive music full of emotion.